Saturday, 15 November 2014


Aug 54  (BB = 27 Aug 54)
∆667 - So Long   (Aladdin Music)
∆668 - So Long   (Aladdin Music)
∆669 - My California   (Aladdin Music)
∆670 - My California   (Aladdin Music)
451 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills,  CA   (Eddie and Leo Mesner)

(667 and 669 represent the 45rpm pressing. The other two numbers are for the 78rpm.)

In 1946, Hopkins was discovered in Houston by Lola Anne Cullum, a talent scout for Aladdin Records. Cullum offered the veteran bluesman the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles to record for the label. In L.A. Hopkins was paired with pianist Wilson Smith; the pair were subsequently dubbed "Lightnin'" and "Thunder" by an Aladdin executive.
With Smith on the ivories, Hopkins recorded "Katie May," his first regional hit. Other hits would follow: "Shotgun Blues," "Short Haired Woman," and "Abilene," among others. During his short tenure with Aladdin, Hopkins recorded a total of forty-three songs during two lengthy sessions in 1946 and '47. He would return to Houston, however, subsequently recording sides for the Gold Star label even while he was still signed to Aladdin, sometimes re-recording the same songs in Texas that he had waxed in California.
Source: About Blues.Com

Source: Ebay

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