Wednesday, 16 April 2014

OMO Acetate 102

Mar 67
∆-65530 - I work for the Govt.  (No Publ.)
(In DW - 147A)
Jun 67
∆-67009x - Mr President    (No Publ.)
(In DW - 211B)
OMO Acetate 102.
Fayette, MI  (W W Omohundro)

These sides were issued on their corresponding Dead Wax numbers. Omo was a prolific singer /songwriter of - some say - dubious talents, but personally I think his records have a certain charm. Read his biography on the cover of this to find out more about him. If you're still out there treading the dusty blacktop selling your wares, please get in touch. 

Source: Neil Scott