Tuesday, 29 September 2015


THE GALLAHADS and Billy Mure’s Orch
Jun 56
∆10418 - The morning mail   (Famous BMI)
∆10420 - The Fool   (Debra Music)
New York City, NY  (Jerry Blaine)

A quick "Rip Off" of the latest local hit - a habit many labels succumbed to. Sanford Clark's Dot release was going well in the charts, so Jerry Blaine got a vocal group to do a quick cover. To be honest, Dot Records also did covers of hit records to grab some coin, so I guess the couldn't really complain too much. After all, Dot inflicted Pat Boone doing Little Richard covers on us - a bit like buying a huge ice cream and then only having the wrapper to eat.

Source:  Udo Frank / Michel Proost

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