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Monarch was one of the leading Pressing /Mastering plants, who, unlike say Rite or Starday, also pressed records for other labels (major labels and others like Sun Records) for West Coast distribution. After all, it was more cost effective for Sam Phillips to get Delta to press copies of the latest Sun Record and have them distributed than Sam packing them all himself and posting them to distributors. Chess, Atlantic (to name a few) also used this plant to get their wares more widely distributed.

Monarch was originally owned by Nate Rothstein and Nate DuRoff and the plant was located at 4852 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. In April 63, Jerry Blaine's Cosnat Dist. Co. bought out Monarch, keeping both Nates on board. (See Billboard 3 April 61 below).

Each disc had ∆ and the matrix number scratched into the wax whilst the label showed the matrix number for the record label, so you would rarely find the Delta matrix on the label, if at all. (Sadly, companies like Alco also used the ∆ sign which confuses the issue more than somewhat). Most Delta presses were "styrene" discs.

The main guide to Delta Pressings was done by Warren Cook for "Record Exchanger" (1972) which was based on the fact that Dot Records used the month and year printed on the label. (So any entry with no record info is probably a Dot pressing.) Any other dates have been supplied by Pascal Perrault and are approximate.

Early in the 60's, Delta stopped using consecutive numbers for the matrix info and began using the same number with an "x" for (probably) the A side. 

Some have suggested that if there is a release with a gap between the Delta numbers, then they may have been issued as a 78rpm format as well or a 45rpm format (if the release listed is a 78rpm pressing.)

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Malcolm Chapman and Pascal Perrault
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3 Apr 61

5 Jun 61

19 Jan 63

23 Oct 54

24 Aug 63

24 Jun 57


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  1. In 1970, after Jubilee Industries (successor to Cosnat) was broken up (and its record division, Jay-Gee Record Corp., spun off into the Jubilee Group which lasted another year), Monarch was sold to Viewlex, Inc. (then-parent of Buddah Records) which also owned Sonic Recording Products in Holbrook, NY; Allentown Record Co. in Allentown, PA; and American Record Pressing in Owosso, MI. (The last-named ceased operation in October 1972 after the factory burnt to the ground.) Viewlex, in turn, went bankrupt in 1976 and would be reorganized as ElectroSound Group. In or around 1978, Monarch moved from its longtime West Jefferson address to a new facility 9545 Sun Valley Road in San Fernando. Not long after that, they switched from pressing 45's in styrene to doing so in vinyl. They continued pressing records until 1986 when ElectroSound decided to shift all remaining vinyl production to their Shelbyville, IN plant.